An Organization With a Rich Heritage

An Organization With a Rich Heritage

Learn more about how we became the non-profit group we are today

At an inaugural dinner held on February 2, 1932, Utica Fire Department’s foremost friend and benefactor, Dr. Fred J. Douglas, founded Engine Eleven, Inc and became its first chief. Since then, we’ve supported the fire department in their endeavors to help keep our friends and neighbors safe.

Our organization is composed of doctors, lawyers, clerks, politicians, blue-collar workers and other professionals who have united to uphold the fine traditions of fire service in Utica. Our mission is to:

  • Maintain the fine traditions of the firefighting service in the City of Utica
  • Promote and encourage community support for fire protection needs
  • Provide recognition for faithful and outstanding service by the firefighters in the line of duty
  • Foster a relationship of comradeship between members of the fire department and citizens of the community

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We honor those who serve

Being a firefighter is a difficult and dangerous occupation. They don’t always get the thanks or recognition they deserve, even though they do so much for us. That’s why we host various events throughout the year so the community can show their support and gratitude to such an important group of people and their noble work.

Our organization relies solely on membership dues and donations to provide continued support and educational opportunities for the Utica Fire Department.

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